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logo to appear on a Russian Proton rocket in 2000, which launched the Russian Zvezda module. North america Maps of regional accents edit Western The Western dialect, including Californian and New Mexican sub-types (with terra naturals coupon codes Pacific Northwest English also, arguably, a sub-type is defined by: North Central The North Central Upper Midwest dialect, including an Upper Michigan sub-type, is defined by: Inland. " Capital Pizza Huts, Incorporated et. Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Archived from the original on March 8, 2011. 43 Pasta Hut edit A branch of Pizza Hut rebranded as "Pasta Hut" on Charing Cross Road, London, in 2009 On April 1, 2008, Pizza Hut in America sent emails to customers advertising their pasta items. 37 Purple represents definitively non-Southern accents (mostly Midland accents which together with the Southern accent fall under a "Southeastern super-region" (defined in this section). A b c Driscoll, Anna; Lape, Emma (2015).

Varieties that have eluded the Southern Vowel Shift, such as the Yat dialect of New Orleans or the anomalous dialect of Savannah, Georgia. Blank boxes in the chart indicate regions where neither pronunciation variant particularly dominates over the other; in some of these instances, the data simply may be inconclusive or unclear. Retrieved October 11, 2015. Savannah, Georgia once had a local accent that is now "giving way to regional patterns" of the Midland. 54 However, a study of the program found participation in the program neither increased nor decreased reading motivation. "This Transnational Survey of Old Pizza Huts is So Satisfying". "Pizza Hut to double outlets in India by 2015". Miami Accent' Takes Speakers By Surprise". It shows the same general phonological system as the Inland North, including variable elements of Northern Cities Vowel Shift (NCS)for instance, an /æ/ that is somewhat higher and tenser than average, an / that is fronter than and. Pizza Hut was the shirt sponsor of English football club Fulham.C. Pittsburgh also features an unusually low allophone of / (as in cut it approaches itself having moved out of the way and become a rounded vowel in its merger with.